Alien Suit Sculpture


The workload on 'Species: The Awakening' was extremely ambitious with the miniscule schedule allowed us, but Josh Logan and I pushed full speed ahead in producing two full body female alien suits and all of the various other effects for the film.

This finished sculpture showed a stylistic faithfulness to the H.R. Giger and Steve Johnson designs from previous 'Species' films, while following director Nick Lyon's ideas about the new directions he wanted to take the characters.

This one sculpture was used for both hero and villain aliens. We differentiated between the two characters by sculpting different faces and giving both suits contrasting color schemes.


Miranda Alien
Azura Alien


The largest pieces we had to produce were a pair of alien cocoons designed to be very much in H.R. Giger's bio-mechanical style. They were first sculpted, (almost a ton of clay), molded, and then fabricated out of a water clear urethane rubber to allow the actors working inside of them to be visible.

Cocoon Sculpture
Cocoon Detail
Cocoons on Set


  One key effect called for a character's mouth to distend open, revealing a double jawed inner alien mouth (also very Giger-esque) that would thrust itself out from inside his body. The initial transition from human to alien was done digitally, then the baton was passed to us to make a practical version. I achieved the effect by combining a puppet element and a prosthetic make up. The alien mouth was a puppet that rested underneath the actor's chin, while the make up appliance simulated the distended human jaw, blending onto actor at the bridge of his nose. The makeup appliance was sculpted by Don Lanning.   Rinaldo Alien
Puppet and Make Up


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Alien Rashes
Rashes close up