Scratch It Design
Scratch It Finished Sculpture


After designs were finalized on 'Small Soldiers', months were spent constructing the various maquettes and puppets for the film at STAN WINSTON STUDIO. Following Chris Swift's designs, I sculpted and finished the character 'Scratch It' as a sidekick to Gorgonite 'Punch It.'

Sculpture in Process
Puppet construction


Puppet Construction


The character 'Scratch It' was only a few inches tall, so maquettes were sculpted oversize to allow for greater detail, then were scanned and shrunk down to actual size for creating the actual puppets.

The smallest servo manufactured barely squeezed inside of the character's head, and a tiny camera battery fit VERY snugly inside the puppet's thigh to supply power... I'm guessing it was probably the smallest self-contained animatronic puppet ever constructed, to anyone who cares about that sort of thing.