Lost World Raptors


The sequel to 'Jurassic Park' took up the better part of a year for us at STAN WINSTON STUDIO to construct the various dinosaurs for the film, although our artists were specifically assigned to 'Team Raptor.'

JP2 was a rare opportunity for us to take what had been learned from the raptors on the first flm and improve the design both mechanically and artistically, with puppets that ranged from nearly full motion hydraulic puppets and Steadicam™ mounted half-body raptors, to puppeteer worn insert legs and simple hand puppet style raptor heads.

Raptor Fabrication
Insert Legs
Painting Raptor Pallettes


Dueling Raptors


Finished Raptors


We would later go on the refine our designs and make further improvements on the raptors for 'Jurassic Park 3' and director Joe Johnston.


Click here to see video of the raptors under construction