Apocalypto Fake Head



For a sequence where a jaguar is about to take a bite out of the film's hero, I constructed a silicone head of this unfortunate fellow who steps into the animal's path at the last second. The head was mechanized by Michael Scanlan. Mel wanted to see the jaguar bury his teeth into the Mayan's head, which is why you see the "tooth holes" already fabricated. If you look closely in the film, you can see (and hear) the jaw break with a sickening 'crunch.'

Working for Keith van der Laan's CAPTIVE AUDIENCE, I was initially hired to be a set of helping hands on Mel Gibson's 'APOCALYPTO', but when production fell desperately behind and make up artists dropped out of the project I became an integral part of the make up team.
Apocalypto Fake Head


Jaguar Attack
Fake Head in Action



Oftentimes I applied or assisted in applying the foam latex pregnant belly make up appliance worn by the film's lead actress throughout the film.
Pregnancy Belly
Prego Belly


Beating Human Heart
Heart Behind the Scenes
Swollen Eye Appliance
Slit Throat Appliance



Mel's shooting style allowed me the opportunity to constantly MacGuyver effects together for him on set as he would come up with ideas. The beating human sacrifice heart was constructed in an afternoon, and other effects came together almost as quickly.


The swollen eye and slit throat appliances seen at the right were constructed at Captive Audience, but I helped apply and operate both bleeding rigs.