Sheep's Clothing is the moniker that I have given to my company, dedicated to creating the highest quality special make up effects for the film, television, and commercial industries in the fastest possible time frame, and of course... at the lowest possible price.

Who am I?

My name is David Monzingo and I have worked as a professional make up effects artist for over twenty years now. For the vast majority of my career I have worked for several of the largest and most prestigious effects companies in Hollywood and to my great fortune, still do. Sheep's Clothing is where I have the opportunity to work on projects independently, and be my own boss.



I started out in the industry when I was seventeen years old working for legendary creature creator Stan Winston, learning my craft from some of the most skilled and talented people in the business. Since then I have been lucky enough to work for other effects luminaries such as Steve Johnson and Greg Cannom, traversing the globe on projects of all shapes and sizes, from big budget epics to student films, and all points in between.

Sheep's Clothing is my chance to take on work that I wouldn't normally have the chance to do in my day job, being a more intimate part of the creative process, fleshing out ideas with other creative people, and pushing myself to constantly improve upon what I have done before.i


Of course, I am not strictly a one man operation. When I take on a job, I bring on some of those same skilled artists who I have worked with through the years to help bring your ideas to fruition.

What does my experience mean for you? It means that when you call Sheep's Clothing with your make up effects needs you'll get honest, no nonsense answers to your questions. I know my limitations and won't compromise my standards in order to secure a contract, although I'm quite confident there are few challenges I'm not prepared to meet head on. I bring an educated and professional skill set to the table, and I have the acumen and experience necessary to take your ideas and make them reality.




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